Intimate Partner Abuse Awareness

Intimate partner abuse (sometimes called “domestic violence”) is a pattern of behavior in an intimate relationship where one partner seeks power and control over another through intimidation, coercion, violence or the threat of violence. The abuse may be emotional, physical, sexual, spiritual or economic.

Crisis Intervention

From our 24-hour support hotline to our emergency safe house, we provide counseling, support and shelter for those affected by intimate partner violence.

Housing & Advocacy

Housing clients have access to trauma-support services to help empower them and restore a sense of safety and connectedness. 

Family Centered Mental Health

We’re here for you, and for your children, with specialized services for parents and kids of all ages.

LGBTQ+ Services

At CORA, we provide a safe and healing space for LGBTQ+ survivors of intimate partner violence.

Legal Services

Court systems can be confusing, but our legal advisors can offer advice, referrals, and representation on many common legal matters related to intimate partner violence. 100% of our legal clients surveyed reported an increased understanding of their legal rights and ability to pursue justice.


This program represents and expansion for CORA into direct prevention-related community engagement. Activities are done with the goal of learning about healthy relationships and communication.


Through our workshops, events and programs, we strive to create a community where intimate partners are treated with respect, compassion and integrity.  By initiating a public dialogue, we can educate and inform survivors and their loved ones about how to stop it.