At CORA, we provide a safe and healing space for LGBTQ+ survivors of intimate partner violence.

  • We are dedicated to providing LGBTQ+ affirming and culturally appropriate individual therapy, family therapy and support groups for adults and children
  • We believe people of all genders who are fleeing abusive relationships or are homeless due to abuse deserve a safe and welcoming place to stay
  • We provide callers to our crisis line referrals to a wide network of San Mateo and Bay Area LGBTQ+ resources and organizations
  • CORA proudly partners with the local and state organizations to promote LGBTQ+ inclusive intimate partner violence services

Services our Program offers

  • Mental Health and Crisis Support
  • Client Advocacy
  • LGBTQ+ Case Management
  • Internal and External Trainings
  • Increasing awareness of LGBTQ+ IPV and best practices with survivors
  • Safety Planning Workshops
  • Prevention and Intervention
  • Survivor Groups and Healthy Relationship Groups
  • Partnering with Community Organizations and increasing our referral Network