Introducing “Thriving at CORA”


Thriving at CORA is a new series that aims to show the healing clients at CORA achieve every day, and community progress against abuse. 

Dealing with abuse, things get heavy at CORA. They get dark. But so much of what happens at CORA is the light after abuse.  

So much of our work is about shifting community views so that abuse becomes unthinkable. That is what we want to show through the Thriving at CORA series. That is what we want to uplift. 

This week, we’re sharing recent client successes out of our crisis, legal, and mental health departments.

Legal Department 

Sometimes when survivors of domestic violence exercise their rights to safety, they are met with legal retaliation from their abuser. We were happy to successfully support two survivors with legal challenges this month–one in defeating a retaliatory restraining order that was filed against them and another with obtaining a divorce. Now these clients can move forward without these legal barriers holding them back.  

Mental Health Department 

One of the hardest parts of breaking free from the cycle of abuse is the trauma and emotional challenges that remain. This month, a mother client was finally able to secure employment after problem solving around it with her therapist for a long time. The client feels empowered to provide for her kids now that they are out of the abusive relationship.  

Crisis Support Services 

Finally, as our name suggests, we believe there is power in community collaboration. We just got feedback from a community partner, Samaratin House, that a client wanted to send her gratitude to our hotline team.  

This client came to us having dealt with physical, emotional, and financial abuse in their marriage and had left the relationship but could no longer afford to stay in a hotel. We assisted with a weekend stay as an interim solution before connecting them with Samaritan House, which was able to provide additional services they needed.


We look forward to sharing more light through Thriving at CORA soon.  

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