The Latest Regarding CORA and the COVID-19 Emergency

Dear CORA Family,

As the COVID-19 emergency continues to move through our community, its effects on our community and agency continue as well. CORA is proud to say that we rose to the challenges presented by COVID-19 and continue to provide all services and programs, though with some adaptations.

All CORA programs continue to thrive, including emergency shelter, virtual mental health services, and legal support. In addition, the 24-hour Hotline remains available to offer assistance, answer questions and extend a supportive hand. Our Community Education & Advocacy efforts proceed to raise awareness across communities through virtual channels. Like many essential services, we have also created an intricate safety procedure for interaction and ongoing disinfecting that allowed us to reopen our community offices on a limited basis.

These are all great and necessary achievements. However, our community continues to suffer and struggle and CORA is working hard to listen, respond, plan, and adapt.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the need has never been greater. We thank all of you as supporters, funders and committed community members. We could not have addressed the need without all of YOU. Despite our valiant advancement, the complexity and barriers for survivors in this moment remain. Our hotline continues to field calls from those struggling to find safety and security, our advocates are working overtime to provide food and necessary items to individuals in need, and all of our programs are navigating increased reports of violence and mental strain. We still need your financial partnership to keep these necessary services available.

You can learn about the current state of services and any updates by visiting this website or following our social media (Facebook and Instagram). We will continue to answer the business line at our community offices (650.652.0800) during our limited onsite hours and will check messages left there regularly.

As will be the case throughout the pandemic, we are committed to learning, adapting and innovating at each step. Thus, the possibility for delays and hiccups remains. Thank you for your patience and unwavering support throughout this ever-evolving situation.

This is a unique moment in history. An opportunity to stand hand-in-hand with your community. We are committed to reflection, adaption, and follow-through. We will come through this moment a better CORA, a community-centered CORA, and with the success that survivors and you deserve. Please look for future communication as we all move through this time. Thank you for standing with CORA and with survivors of violence and abuse. The CORA Family is strong and, during this difficult season, we are thankful that we can count on your support.

Please be safe, be present, and be well!

Colsaria Henderson
Executive Director

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