Why I Serve – Kevin Imboden

A few months ago, during a conversational moment before a meeting, we asked several board members what made them serve? Why were they passionate about ending intimate partner abuse? Passionate to the point of not just supporting CORA, but giving of their time, skills and energy as board members.

The answers they gave were touching and astounding … and we knew we had to share them with you!

We asked them to go home and record themselves telling the story of why they’re committed to CORA and addressing abuse in San Mateo County. We’re presenting them here just as they sent them to us: in their own words, unedited, speaking truthfully, telling their story the way they feel it.

Today we’re sharing Kevin’s story….

I first learned of CORA through a serendipitous happenstance; someone was transitioning away from the CORA Board of Directors and reached out to a mutual friend to discover those who might be interested in assisting. Our mutual friend placed me in contact and my CORA journey began!

CORA was immediately attractive to me as the organization assists those who are deeply vulnerable and with few other options. While there are other entities that can help with pieces of the entire CORA spectrum, truly no other nonprofit can supply the immediate shelter, legal, financial, psychological, and support programs that are on offer. The commitment from staff and board members alike pleasantly surprised me in its honesty and purity, particularly as the work poses its challenges and nonprofits are required to make choices and balance state and local requirements as few for-profit entities are required to do.

Although I consider myself exceptionally fortunate to have not suffered abuse in my personal relationships, I know many who have and the deep emotional toll that came with this suffering has recurred throughout many of their lives. Had an organization such as CORA been available during each of their scenarios, these outcomes may have been different or at the very least resources could have been offered to attempt to alleviate this pain.

During my time on the Board of Directors, I have been involved in a variety of initiatives, mainly in financial and real estate planning but also representing CORA at events, searching for additional board members and resources, and determining the strategic direction of the organization. I have learned an immense amount about domestic violence and its root causes, along with the myriad funding sources of nonprofits and the relationships that must exist within an ecosystem of government services. There is so much more to learn and I have much to give, and I look forward to what the future holds to provide the best to the clients of CORA!

We’ll be adding more stories from the board very soon.

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