Looking at the Year Ahead

It is hard to believe that 2019 is here. I, for one, am excited and thankful for its arrival, as so much has shifted at CORA and in our community. We have had significant organizational changes and have begun charting both a familiar and adventurous path. We have had to say goodbye to people whose very creativity and strength created the essence of our CORA community, but you have welcomed new leadership and new directions with open arms. For that, and your unwavering support, I am truly thankful. Throughout all of the shifts and pivots this past year, you have supported us. You have shown that despite all of the turmoil in the world around us, kindness, understanding and justice hold strong. CORA staff, volunteers, and most importantly, survivors, have made and continue to make courageous leaps. Our Mental Health Program continues to provide free, innovative and lasting healing strategies. Our Legal Services continue to grow, and our Supportive Housing Program has been thrust into a hiring frenzy, as we have been able to secure additional and necessary housing options for survivors of intimate partner violence and abuse.

In the last year, the world around us has also seen unparalleled shifts. We have seen the pendulum swing and generate energy for movements like #metoo and #timesup. We held our breath, and our tears, as Christine Blasey Ford testified, and, when we reached a breaking point, we were re-energized by the hope and strength of an outpouring of stories and resilience by survivors taking part in the #believewomen/#believesurvivors movement.

This is our time. This is our country and our communities. 2019 holds more than wonder. It also holds space for a new day; a new horizon. CORA is thankful for your passion and your support. Together we can shape not only our own future, but the future of our entire community.

Wishing you – and us all – love and transformation in 2019!

Colsaria Henderson

Executive Director