About CORA


Who We Are

CORA is the only agency in San Mateo County with the sole purpose of serving victims/survivors of domestic violence/abuse. We are a multicultural agency committed to serving victims/survivors, regardless of age, ethnicity/race, financial status, language, sexual orientation, immigration status, class, religion, gender, mental or physical ability.

We provide free and confidential emergency, intervention and prevention services, including the county’s only emergency shelter and transitional housing for victims/survivors and services in Spanish and English.

Our Mission

CORA provides safety, support and healing for individuals who experience abuse in an intimate relationship, and educates the community to break the cycle of domestic violence.

Our Vision

We envision a society where intimate partners treat one another with respect, where domestic violence and other forms of relationship abuse are not tolerated, and where services are accessible to all who need them.

CORA’s Strategic Plan

This strategic plan is based on research and information that substantiates community need with regard to provision of services to individuals and families affected by domestic violence. The plan aligns CORA’s mission—or its purpose and long-term vision—how the world will be different when the mission is fully achieved, with a set of aspirational but achievable goals, and objectives that benchmark progress. Central to the plan is an investment in services and collaborations that inspire social change and human transformation.

The strategic plan identifies seven strategic issue areas that are found to be critical to the success of serving CORA’s mission. Each issue area has been operationally defined by a desired outcome followed by a set of goals and objectives designed to effectively and efficiently achieve the stated outcomes. From this plan, strategies are designed and implemented annually by staff that include assigned responsibilities, metrics and interim benchmarks.

At the heart of these areas are program objectives designed to provide progressive programs and partnerships that address community need, stress continuum of services and reflect successful trends in prevention, education and intervention. The strategies implemented to address program goals involve the creation and enhancement of dynamic, innovative, cutting edge programs and services—along with community partnerships—that provide safety, support and healing.

Our Values


We are committed to serving the unique needs of each individual, family and community.

Mutual Respect and Integrity

We believe mutual respect, compassion and integrity are the basis for healthy relationships.

Social Change to End Oppression

We acknowledge current and historical inequities and work towards ending oppression.

Honoring Culture and Inclusiveness

We are aware of, and responsive to individual and collective cultural identity.

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